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My first love is photography. Once I looked through a camera, touched the image in the darkroom in highschool, the magic was on. After scholarships at R.I.T., and then discovering gender disparity in NYC, I left my love to get a "real" job, project managing trading floors on wallstreet. After a formitive decade in NYC, a city filled with my heritage and family, I had to fly back to my creative soul.

I landed in LA to fulfill the dream of being a photographer and a film editor. I started from scratch, beginning at Photo Impact and Propoganda Films, in the proof room, and in the vault, learning tape, computers, post production, and everything editing dues demands.

A decade in commercials, a decade in DVD & streaming content, and almost a decade in film, corporate, and biographical stories, I truly love editing and collaborating in telling stories.

And my camera is still by my side.

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